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Notebook sizes

Master A4+ (225 x 315 mm)

Our organisational talent

Perfect for the office - A4 sheets fit easily between pages thanks to the oversized format.


Composition B5 (178 x 254 mm)

The US cult format

For globetrotters - the tablet size notebook that’s perfect for those who love to travel.


Medium A5 (145 x 210 mm)

The all-rounder

Our most popular format - a double page is the perfect template for a DIN A4 photocopy.

Hardcover + Softcover

Paperback B6+ (125 x 190mm)

The paperback

For minimalists - handy and compact, inspired by the paperback format.


Pocket (90 x 150 mm)

The compact one

For those who have their best thoughts on the move - the perfect size for a constant companion.

Hardcover + Softcover

Mini A7 (70 x 110 mm)


For those who travel light - small enough for any bag, big enough for any idea.