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The range of functions a planner may need to fulfil are as varied and individual as people’s daily schedules. We, at LEUCHTTURM1917, are well aware of this fact. Consequently, we have created five different planner types. Each of our planners offers users a unique set of benefits to meet individual requirements.

Whether you prefer to plan your day, week or month ahead; whether you need a little or a lot of space for making notes – everything is possible with our planner options. The following planners are available as part of our range:

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We firmly believe that small details make a big difference.

Consequently, the entire LEUCHTTURM1917 product range not only includes various models, colours, cover options and formats but also places a strong emphasis on details.

Weekly Planner & Notebook

Our most popular planner offers the perfect fusion between a planner for your appointments and a notebook for your thoughts and ideas. In a wonderfully practical way, it unites the benefits of our two most popular daily tools – the planner and the notebook – to give you maximum potential to create more structure.

What are the features of the Weekly Planner & Notebook?

The Weekly Planner & Notebook provides a complete calendar week on the left-hand side and a whole page for notes on the right. There are two versions of the Weekly Planner & Notebook available – the classic version for 12 months and also one for 18 months.

Wochenkalender & Notizbuch
Weekly Planner & Notebook

Weekly Planner

The Weekly Planner adapts to your needs and is available not only in various colours, but also in Hardcover and Softcover versions. It is also available in Master (A4+), Medium (A5), Pocket (A6) and Mini (A7) formats.

What are the features of the Weekly Planner?

The Weekly Planner gives you an overview of the whole week at a glance. This model is focused on weekly planning and offers, depending on the size, plenty of space for your individual design and use.

Week Planner

Do you find that there are never enough hours in the day? While we can’t do anything to change that, we can offer you the best possible overview of your plans and appointments – ensuring more structure and less chaos.

What are the features of the Week Planner?

Our Week Planner allows you to plan your day in detail hour by hour, whilst also giving you a good overview of the week. The Week Planner is also available as an Academic Week Planner with 18 months, starting in July.

Daily Planner

Our Daily Planner helps you give every single day your full and undivided attention – with a separate page devoted to each day of the week. That gives you plenty of space for very detailed daily planning.

What are the features of the Daily Planner?

The Daily Planner devotes attention to every single day. Every day gets its own page, even Saturdays and Sundays. Each day has one line per hour (7 a.m. – 10 p.m.), giving plenty of space for detailed daily planning. For everyone who wants to fill every day with plenty of action.

to Daily Planner
Daily Planner 2022

Monthly Planner with Notebook

Effective, clearly laid out and adapted to the fast pace of our modern lifestyles, the Monthly Planner with Notebook combines all the benefits of a clear, concise planner with those of a fully-fledged notebook.

What are the features of the Monthly Planner with Notebook?

A planner and a notebook at the same time – does it get more practical? The clearly arranged monthly planner, which presents each month across a double page with each week separated by days, is followed by a notebook. This gives the user both an optimal overview of the upcoming events for each month and the advantages of a classic notebook. Perfect for those who like things organised but still want plenty of space for their own thoughts.

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Monthly Planner 2022

Hardcover Softcover



The hard cover with sturdy spine protects your planner. It’s also ideal when you need a stable writing surface on the move.

Hardcover Einband


Lighter and slimmer, Softcovers are both minimalist and flexible.

Softcover Einband