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Writing instruments

The Drehgriffel


The Drehgriffel – this is no ordinary pen. Much more than that, it’s a design piece and also a truly unique writing instrument.

The Drehgriffel No. 1 is a ballpoint pen available in 9 colours.


Our Pencils

A notebook needs a pencil. That’s why we offer high-quality pencils with the lead hardness grading HB – for creating stylish and individual accents.

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Pen Loops

Pen Loops

Now, where did I put my pen? The Pen Loop is the perfect addition to our colourful notebooks – and also allows you to add a personal touch.

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Paper and cardboard storage solutions in the distinctive LEUCHTTURM1917 design.

Cases and
book boxes
Portfolios and
springback binders

Pens and storage

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