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Are your needs, your tasks and your life in general as rich and varied as our product range? Do you love to try new things and believe that variety is the spice of life – even when it comes to notebooks? If so, then LEUCHTTURM1917 is the right place for you. We work on our products all the time to enhance them, optimise our existing range and develop brand new items.

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Rising Colours
Notebook Rising Colours

Each morning gives rise to the magic of a new beginning:

Rising Sun – Aquamarine – Stone Blue – Warm Earth

Inspired by that magical moment when the sun rises, the Rising Colours series invites you to see things from a different perspective and to delve into your projects. Four new colours of elemental force for motivating ideas and valuable inspiration. For every new day.

jottbook double

Jottbook Double

One product in a double pack. 

With their coloured fore edge, our Jottbooks set a clear yet understated accent. The smart design of the notebooks is enhanced by the small and practical pocket on the endpaper.

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